Sacrament of Holy Communion

The Sacraments of Holy Communion and Reconciliation

The Sacrament of Holy Communion and Reconciliation is generally received at the age of seven or eight, when your child is in second class in primary school. This Sacrament is the second Sacrament of the initiation in faith . We come together at Mass to celebrate as members of God's family. We listen to the Word of God. At the Consecration , the Bread and Wine become the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. In Holy Communion we are invited to share the Bread of Life. We celebrate because we know that the Risen Jesus is with us, helping us to live as His followers. At Mass the Risen Jesus comes to nourish and strengthen us, to help us grow in God's love and in the love of others.

It is the hope of our Parish that along with the School and you and your family, that the celebration of Holy Communion and Reconciliation  will be a happy, and joyful occasion for your child.

Over the past few months the Diocese of Dublin have issued a diocesian Policy for First Communion and First Reconciliation.

The Policy proposes changes in the way children prepare for the Sacraments of First Communion and Reconciliation. Lauching the document, with pupils preparing for First Communion and First Reconciliaton more firmly within the Parish. He said he accepted the changes would take time to introduce across the dicoese. He said the aim of the policy was that First Communion, would in general, take place at a Sunday Parish Mass; that is is a communual event that involves a welcome into the Parish Liturgical Community, not just a private celebration of the Sacrament.

To download full policy please click here